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Yapısal Bütünleşme, bedenin serbestçe hareket etmesini engelleyen stres ve gerilmeleri hareket eğitimi ile vücuttan atan bir çeşit yumuşak doku egzersizi ve fizik tedavisidir.

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Fascia nedir?

(English) Fascia is the connective tissue that covers every muscle, organ, tendon and Ligament.

Çocuklar ve Yapısal Bütünleşme

(English) The Positive Impacts of Structural Integration On Children’s Health at an early age gives them ease with their own bodies and develops confidence in their self image.


(English) Many scientific studies have been performed to confirm the effectiveness of the Structural Integration.

Yapısal Bütünleşme nin videoları

(English) Here are some videos of Dr Rolf and working with clients and talking about Structural Integration.

öncesi ve sonrası resimleri

(English) Here you will find before and after pictures of people who have gone through the 10 sessions of Dr Rolf’s Structural Integration. Among the benefits, people report feeling taller, moving easier, having more energy and at ease with their bodies.

(English) Faq’s, pricing and what to wear?

(English) Cost and Client intake form.
How are Osteopathy, Chiropractic and massage different to S.I? What is the basic ten series?


Dr. Rolf’un geçmişi ve Yapısal Bütünleşme mirası

Ida P. RolfYapısal Bütünleşmenin kurucusu olan Dr. Ida P Rolf, doktora derecesini biyokimya alanında Kolombiya Üniversitesi’nden 1920’li yıllarda aldı