Structural Integration & Children

The Positive Impacts of Structural Integration On Children’s Health  at an early age gives them ease with their own bodies and develops confidence in their self image. Adult complaints of chronic backache, neck pain and other physical and emotional stressors can originate from a childhood imbalance.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the founder of Structural Integration, foresaw that both children and adults can benefit from structural integration. She worked with a range of childhood complaints from typical childhood traumas from falls, accidents and injuries to birth traumas; to curved spines, twisted legs, and extended abdomens resulting from physical injury, emotional trauma, poor posture and/or disease.

Dr. Rolf’s work with children established that: a dramatic improvement in the children’s chronological, psychological and physical course of development can be documented. parents reported that their children responded with increased confidence and verbal expression; improved self-image and enthusiasm; more self-control and less destructive behavior; more comfortable with their bodies and more physically active.

Structural integration is an effective means to address the everyday aches and pains of childhood development; as well as an illness or disease, such as cerebral palsy, scoliosis and brain injury in some persons. In research with the brain-injured child, Structural Integration  succeeded at addressing poor coordination, disorganized and immature movement and motor skill capability. Structural integration is a useful procedure to tone body muscles and assist better functioning, improve language  and social responsiveness.


Structural Integration & the 10 series?

Structural Integration is a form of soft tissue bodywork and physical therapy with movement education that release patterns of stress and tension that inhibit the body from moving freely.

Benefits of Structural Integration

Structural Integration improves posture, relieves chronic pain, increases flexibility and athletic performance.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that covers every muscle, organ, tendon and Ligament.

Structural Integration & Children

The Positive Impacts of Structural Integration On Children’s Health at an early age gives them ease with their own bodies and develops confidence in their self image.

Research and Articles

Many scientific studies have been performed to confirm the effectiveness of the Structural Integration.

Videos on Structural Integration

Here are some videos of Dr Rolf and working with clients and talking about Structural Integration.

Before and After Pictures

Here you will find before and after pictures of people who have gone through the 10 sessions of Dr Rolf’s Structural Integration. Among the benefits, people report feeling taller, moving easier, having more energy and at ease with their bodies.

Faq’s, pricing and what to wear?

Cost and Client intake form.
How are Osteopathy, Chiropractic and massage different to S.I? What is the basic ten series?

Who is Ida P.Rolf, Ph.D?

Ida P. RolfIda P. Rolf, a native New Yorker, graduated from Barnard College in 1916.

Client’s Testimonials:

Larry Dossey, MD, best-selling author
“There is one major reason to take Rolfing seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people’s bodies, it can transform their lives as well. Rolfing is powerful stuff.”

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a board-certified Internist and head of a fibromyalgia research clinic in Annapolis, MD, says “rolfing is a very powerful tool, and a very important tool for me to have for my patients. People who have suffered from chronic pain for 20 years will be amazed at how their pain goes away.”

“I send my patients to Chris to receive Structural Integration sessions as it is a whole body approach rather than  treating symptoms”.
Dr. Blumberg GP, Auckland N.Z

“Having lived with back chronic pain for a long time I had tried lots of therapies. Then I found Chris. Only after a few sessions of Structural Integration, I had more flexibility and range of motion and I could move easier. I now live without chronic back pain after completing the 10 series. I feel like I have been given a new lease on life !”

Peter Harold, Auckland

“He is a great therapist in the method he works on Rolfing – Structural Integration. He worked on me and helped me so much to deal with the pains in my body. A big Thank you!”
João, Lisbon Portugal.

” After having years of chronic muscle weakness I noticed a major difference after one session!”
Javad Mantegh, Tehran Iran.

“ Having many years of knee pain and then a replacement, Chris changed my posture which has allowed me to be better balance and be pain free”
Maryam Mehdipour, Tehran Iran.